You may ask “Why do I need a Home Inspector?”

The answer is simple… when you experience electrical problems, you call an electrician. When you have a leak, you call a plumber; so when you are making one of your largest life investments, your home, you should call in an expert in homes for a professional inspection. We have all been in a situation where the garbage disposal stops working or the roof starts to leak and you just don’t want these things to happen the day after you move in to your new home. We are all aware that things wear out and that nothing last forever but at least with a professional home inspection you have the peace of mind that your home is everything you wanted it to be!

We are a family owned, operated, and insured home inspection company here for you! With a lifetime of construction experience, we are dedicated to helping you make the best decision on your next home purchase! We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to thoroughly inspect your home, helping you get to your better view!

All of our inspections are done to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) standards and we strive to go above and beyond to ensure you know all you can about your next home before you buy it. A Supra Key is available for you and your realtors’ convenience.

Most inspections take an estimated 3 to 4 hours to complete and we ask that you be present for at least the end of the inspection to go over the inspection to make sure that everything is understood, to address any immediate hazards if they arise, and to make payment. You are welcome to be present for the entire inspection, although the inspection process can be tedious to non inspectors.

All utilities must be turned on for the inspection or not all required components will be able to be inspected and payment will still be due. If utilities are not on and the inspection must be postponed a reschedule fee will be incurred.

We service Houston, Spring , Tomball, and most surrounding areas of Houston.  Inspections are done Monday-Saturday, morning or afternoon and at a first come first serve basis. Please call or email for next available appointment.

Let A Better View Inspections help you inspect your next home ensuring you get to Your Better View!

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